1. Took a listen to MAYDAY’s #BELIEVERS. You gotta admit that #STRANGEMUSIC has really made a substantial dent in the Hip Hop scene in the last few years. The latest album from one if the labels flagship acts combines the though-provoking lyricism with the Midwest rapid fire speed rap to a tee. Unfortunately some of the music falls a little flat in some spots, but there’s a respectable amount of high caliber material to keep the quality’s head above water. The middle of the album is where things begin to wane but some of the songs at the beginning and end keep the album slightly above mediocrity, including “Unplug”, “Last One Standing”, “Good Pressure”, “Mortuary Mary”, “Save Farris” and “Marathon Man”. In some places things do get a little too poppy and bland, but overall it’s a strong showing from a group that’s adding to the diversity and explosion in variance of Hip Hop music in 2013. #MAYDAY #STRANGEMUSIC #TECHN9NE #HIPHOP #MUSICREVIEW #BELIEVERS

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