1. Just gave a few more listens to #DORIS by #EarlSweatshirt from having done so last night for one of the sites I write for. It’s a pretty good album but I admit I was slightly disappointed, not to mention depressed as hell after multiple full listens. Really dark, dank, desolate and bleak. But hell, that’s what #ODDFUTURE is known for anyway. My favorite song is easily “Molasses” featuring RZA. You can CLEARLY feel the Wu Tang influence throughout that track. “Chum” and “Burgundy” are extremely angsty and emotional, and some of the best moments come when Tyler is the guest feature on “Sasquatch” and “Whoa”. Overall a good album but overly dark, which is weird because I like dark music a lot…sometimes. It’s at least worth a listen. #HIPHOP #MUSICREVIEW #WOLFGANG #GOLFWANG #CALI #NEWSCHOOL #CHUM #HIVE #TYLERTHECREATOR

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